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Posted October 2, 2014
I am currently looking for leads on the Goodsons and would love to connect with people and resources. In particular I am looking for information on:

John M. Goodson
—Married to Ellen Willmirth Long on 24 June 1858 in Vandalia, Fayette County (her father is listed as Abraham Long on marriage record)
—Had a son James Granville Goodson born on 1 Oct 1864 in Greenville, Bond, Illinois
—"M" in middle name likely to stand for "Maxey" but no direct evidence yet
—Son James moved to Montana and is buried there

I have more details about the descendants of James G. Goodson down through to my father. Any assistance is appreciated!

Shennandoah Diaz
sdiaz @ shennandoahdiaz.com

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